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Danish robot equipment flagship company acquires unique robotics firm

Within just one year, the new company Purple Robotics has developed an innovative vacuum gripper, the world’s first specifically for cobots. Purple Robotics has now been acquired by OnRobot, one of the truly significant robot industry endeavours. The acquisition takes place a mere two months after the OnRobot merger of three robotics companies from the USA, Hungary, and Denmark to create one global player with a strong focus on the market for industrial robot accessories.

Now, OnRobot in Odense, Denmark, adds another trail-blazing technology to the product mix. With the acquisition of the company Purple Robotics, OnRobot can now offer its partners the world’s first dual vacuum gripper. The gripper attracted international robot industry attention when presented by the inventors at Automatica, the world’s largest robotics fair, in Munich in June this year.

Purple Robotics was established by the three Danish ”super-nerds” Lasse Kieffer, Henrik Tillitz Hansen, and Peter Nadolny Madsen, all of whom have a background as product developers at the company behind the world’s first cobot, Universal Robots. And this is the valuable expertise which OnRobot is now fusing with its existing R&D department at their headquarters in Odense. Lasse Kieffer, Purple Robotics CEO, looks forward to joining the OnRobot organisation together with his colleagues.

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