The Japanese character SHIN has several meanings including heart, mind, courage, spirit and intimate essence.

Graphically, Shin takes on the stylised shape and function of a heart. It can also be represented by a man steering a boat with the rudder. This image is very pertinent if you picture a helmsman on the ‘sea’ of communication, who has to make the right decisions to survive and be in control. This ‘helmsman’ is the mind, spirit, heart…

Shin Communication devotes itself to the communication process with the heart, mind and courage to communicate.

Shin Communication is the agency founded by Simona Labianca. With more than 20 years of experience in B2B and B2C communication in sectors including electronics, automation, IT, consumer electronics, construction, catering, telecommunications, broadcasting, light engineering and industry, Simona has developed skills in company communication, press office management, event organisation and advertising.

Shin Communication offers communication management support to organisations, enabling them to create a competitive advantage to help grow their business. The communication strategy considers the client’s aims in order to generate awareness and strengthen product identity in the market.

The agency’s expertise is based on its understanding of publishing practices and the dynamics of editorial departments. Using this knowledge, Shin Communication develops complex and integrated communication projects, with a strong, flexible and energetic approach to create bespoke campaigns dedicated to clients’ individual needs.

To develop successful international campaigns, Shin Communication works with a team of trusted partners across Europe.



  • Press office management
  • Monitoring editorial calendars, writing short texts and distributing press material to both print and on-line media
  • Maintaining relationships with journalists
  • Organising and managing meetings with the press, including conferences, briefings and interviews
  • Organising events, seminars, road shows and providing support at trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Writing technical texts, case studies, company profiles and translating articles
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